Why Whys?

The name ‘Whys Psychotherapy” is simply made up of part of my name: whytesue. However, it tells a little about me as well. I’m curious about people; I’m curious about who you are and what makes you, you. 

Psychotherapy is about more than changing behaviour, it’s about understanding why we act and react in certain ways. It is, in part, about asking, “why?”

Why the logo?

The meaning of my logo is also a play on my surname. Firstly, white light is dispersed into seven colours (of the rainbow) when it passes through a prism. Thus, it is made of many parts. I believe that we are all made of many parts; each of these parts have an important role in our lives at different times in our lives.

Sometimes these parts come into conflict with each other. Part of the process if learning to accept each of these parts and acknowledging that all of them together are what makes you, you.